About Xavier

Xavier Boot (1989), also known as XA4, started piano lessons at the local music school at age seven, and soon it became apparent that he had a remarkable talent. At eleven he was accepted to Henk Ekkel’s Young Talent Class at the Utrechts Conservatorium. Xavier then studied at the Academy for Musical Talent, where he was a student of Russian pianist Mila Baslawskaja. Later, at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, he was a student of the famous pianist Rian de Waal and Georg Friedrich Schenck, and graduated as classical pianist. Xavier was the first Dutch pianist to achieve the Master diploma in Live Electronics at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Xavier took master classes by many great pianists, including Charles Rosen, Maria João Pires en Arie Vardi. He performs at home and abroad in many concert halls — in the Czech Republic and Denmark, at The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and at the Muiden Castle, where he played for Queen Beatrix. He also provides the musical accompaniment for various theatre plays, and composes music for films and documentaries, like the documentary Buitenkampers by Hetty Naaijkens (Crystal Film Award) and the short film Amsterdam Experimental by Sian Williams (second prize at the Super 9 Mobile Film Fest in Portugal).

Xavier received awards at various competitions, including the Petrov Piano Concours and the Prinses Christina Concours. He ended up highest in his age category at the National Piano Contest SHMN in 2008 and received, along with the award for best performance of contemporary Dutch works, the award for best performance of Liszt. In 2006, the 250th birth year of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, he received first prize at a special Mozart competition at the Schiller Theatre in Utrecht.

Xavier works with YAN (Jan van Eerd), is part of the Indiepop band NOW and composes for piano and electronics. His compositions are influenced by classical and contemporary composers, and best described as contemplative and rich in emotion.

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